Tips for Picking the Right Outfits for Your Ugg Boots

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Ugg boots are popular for a reason – other than being fashionable, they are very comfortable. In winter, everyone (from models and celebrities to working adults and school children) pulls out their Uggs to keep warm. Genuine Ugg boots are indeed versatile boots which come in various colours and styles and pair well with a wide range of casual cold-weather outfits. If you have already invested in a few pairs of uggs, its time you knew how to pick the right outfits to ensure you look outstanding on fall and winter. Here are some tips you can consider.

Wear them with long pants

Since uggs are designed to be worn in cold weather, it means they are suitable for winter or fall clothes. You can tuck your fashionable jeans into the uggs if you would like the boots to stand out. If you desire a cooler look, consider wearing the flare pants over the Uggs. You can be bold by trying out a pair of dark green or red skinny jeans but ensure the colour coordinates with the boots.

Wear a cute dress or a skirt

If you have decided to wear a skirt or a gorgeous winter dress with some tights or leggings, you can also wear them with uggs. One rule of thumb you should not forget is that the outfits should be relatively casual. Uggs shouldn't be worn with a ball gown.

Wear a pair of leggings

In case you like leggings more than pants, you can wear the uggs with a pair of warm leggings. For a classy look, consider getting single shade earth tone leggings or a patterned pair. Combine the leggings with a loose top or sweater, and you will be good to go. 

Don't wear Uggs with formal outfits

While Uggs are high end and trendy, they are not meant to be an official accessory. In fact, they are generally not suitable for work or a formal dress event like a wedding. When you wear Uggs with a fancy outfit, you will look unnatural, and the boots will stick out in a very unpleasant way. You should wear Uggs to a casual meal, to university or when you are hanging out with your friends. You can also wear them to work provided casual outfits are accepted at work.

Never wear Ugg boots in warm weather

Regardless of how much you adore your uggs, do not wear them in warm weather. Although they are comfortable, you may ruin them with the excess sweat you'll experience during warm weather.