Choosing an Outfit for Your Next Conference

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If your workplace tends to dress in a casual way, it can be hard to know what to pack for a conference. While this is a great chance to represent the company, you should also choose some outfits that make you feel comfortable and reflect the vibe of the company. 

T-shirt and jeans vibe

If you have a very casual company, such as a company that builds games, it's more than okay to turn up to conferences in jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. It's worth quizzing the boss to see if they have a company shirt or hoodie that you can wear in case you are snapped in any photos as you want to be putting the best foot forward for the company if they are paying for you to attend. Even if you don't wear branded shirts each day, they may have a promotional shirt you can pull on for the occasion. 

Smart casual vibe                                                                                                                                                                                             Many companies, such as mining services, tend to have a smart casual vibe where people come to work in a logo'ed polo shirt and chinos or jeans. In these industries, it's often portrayed as a little standoffish when people dress in suits, yet you still want to show that this is an event that you are taking seriously. Dress in your normal work wear, but if your corporate tops are looking a little worn or faded from washing it can be be worth getting a new set to make sure that you look great in any photos. 

Formal business attire

If you work in an industry that values more formal attire such as finance or banking, it's a good idea to stay on your normal course and wear a suit. It can be worth asking your marketing arm if there are any subtle corporate emblems you can incorporate such as wearing a lapel pin or tie in the corporate logo. Often they will have a subtle item to give you, but if not you can make up for it by handing out promotional materials after your talk. 

Speaking at a professional conference is a great way to advertise both your personal brand and the brand of your company. Choosing good, appropriate corporate wear helps everyone to be able to concentrate full on your message as your outfit will blend into the overall scene. Try road testing your outfit before you go by wearing it to work one day to make sure if looks great.