Choosing the Best Luggage for Seniors

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It's easy to get carried away day dreaming about your next holiday destination, but if you want to truly enjoy the experience, being prepared is the key to a memorable vacation. Suitable luggage for your physique and purpose is crucial to ensuring your personal comfort and ease while you travel, particularly if your mobility isn't what it used to be. Check out this short guide to help you choose the best luggage for seniors.

Large wheels

If you're planning to spend time in airports, you'll need to drag your case around in between the terminal and your transport at the very least. A suitcase with large, sturdy castor wheels will make your movements easy. If mobility is an issue, opt for a spinner case with four wheels over the traditional  two-wheeled varieties—this way, you'll only really need to steer your case rather than pull the weight along behind you. If you do choose a two-wheeled case, try pushing it in front of you as you walk to ease the load.

Easy-to-grip handles

Those who suffer from arthritis or RSI may find it difficult to grip onto a thin, hard handle. Shop around for luggage with a comfortable handle that is designed for easy gripping. This is particularly important for your hand luggage as, although it may be lighter than your suitcase, you will find yourself carrying it throughout your journey. Many suitcase models are now ergonomically designed, with easy-grip swivel handles that reduce the stress on your wrists and arms.

Lightweight but sturdy

High-tech fabrics now allow lightweight suitcases to be fashioned without compromising durability. A lighter suitcase will be less of a burden to tote around, even when filled with souvenirs. An excellent way of reducing your luggage weight is to purchase a smaller, cabin-size case for your main suitcase. While you will need to be savvy with your packing skills, a smaller case will ensure you don't end up overpacking it.

Built-in seat

If you need a larger suitcase for your journey, consider purchasing a model with a built-in seat. This way, you can take the pressure off your weary joints if you get stuck in a long check-in line or your flight gets delayed in an airport with limited seating. A suitcase with a fold-out chair can be a real blessing when you have limited mobility or cannot handle prolonged periods of standing.

Discuss your luggage needs and mobility limitations with a luggage supplier like Sweeney Luggage Centre for professional advice and buying assistance.